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Below are links to ‘hot’ jobs, internships, job descriptions, self assessment quizzes, interviews and more with those in the fields of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Advanced Materials Processes, Environmental Technology and Information Technology.

                                                Where can STEM take you?

Did You know?
  • Stunning STATS: For the 3rd Year in a row Northside Urban Pathways has record 100% college acceptance!
  • Their fearless female leader is...
  • Infinite Scholar's Program It is the overall mission of Infinite Scholars Program, Inc. to provide low income and first generation high school students with the resources and guidance that is necessary for them to successfully further their education at accredited institutions of higher learning. Check where the latest fair is being held!





  • Brief Intros to ALL Kinds of Engineers

  • Professional Profiles of Individuals

  • Degrees/Fields Listed & Defined

  • Career Podcasts

  • Green Jobs (scroll down)

  • Student Inventors

  • Jobs that pay you to dream

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