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No part of this work may be copied, reproduced, or translated in any form or medium without the prior written consent of SCITECH. Although all content on our site is public information, SCITECH maintains and will defend a copyright interest in these pages.

A few non-copyrighted, public domain photographs have been used in the Science Fair section of this site. Credit is hereby given to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).

Permission may be granted to redistribute this material in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed or altered. No portion of this work may be sold, either by itself or as part of larger work, without the express written permission of the SCITECH executive director.

Please do not capture our pages within frames, or otherwise present our content as your own. You should not link to individual graphics or tables within our pages, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on our servers.

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The SciTech Web site sometimes creates links to sites which may not be run by SCITECH, but otherwise topically, timely, or of other general interest to our visitors. The inclusion of links from this site does not necessarily imply endorsement by SCITECH. Also, SCITECH has no control over, and is therefore not responsible for the privacy practices of linked web sites. The following are considerations in creating these links:
  • The frequency of requests for adding such a link;
  • For the convenience of our visitors;
  • The stability and trustworthiness of the site; or
  • Fitting the link within our web design and mission.
Such links may be removed or replaced at any time without notice. We reserve the right to change subpages at any time without notice, so it is up to you to continuously verify your links to our subpages. We will remove a link if:
  • The link no longer points to the original information or resource that was intended;
  • The information is inaccurate, outdated, no longer relevant or trustworthy;
  • Access to the information has become difficult due to odd formatting, lengthy download times, or intrusive advertising;
  • The link has gone dead or remains unavailable for a lengthy period, especially if SCITECH is unable to contact the site's administrators about its status.
SCITECH does not enter into reciprocal link agreements. We provide links to sites that are appropriate to our mission. Our creation of a link to your site does not obligate you to provide a link back to us and vice versa.

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